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Five Stars
Our name says it all

About us

Make yourself at home

We are enthusiastic about architecture, design and interiors.
We are dedicated to creating welcoming spaces.
We have a keen eye for details, style and comfort.
We thrive on history, tradition and culture.
We are passionate about providing soulful experiences.
We absolutely love helping others make amazing memories.

Our beautifully restored buildings with timeless and contemporary apartments in the heart of both Lisbon and Porto are living and breathing proof.

The door is open, please come in.

Available Services

Personalized check-in
We welcome you personally
Individual check-in
Easy access codes for
after-hours arrivals
Guided tours
Explore the best of Portugal
Fantastic food
Catering at the apartment
Dinner reservations
Try the best restaurants in town
Five Stars recommendations
What to see and do:
locals do it better
Tourist info
Maps, books & agendas for enjoying the city
Simple logistics
Transportation, document printing, supermarket run… you name it!
Amazing amenities
Pamper yourself every day
Small luxuries
Portuguese cotton bed linens and towels

Welcome to Portugal

Lisbon & Porto await you

Premium apartments for short or extended stays, for solo trips or family get-togethers, for romantic adventures or finally getting your group of friends together, for those looking for a change in scenery or a more permanent move.

For those looking to buy, for those looking for a new experience, for work or pleasure, for discovering the heart of Lisbon or Porto, for embracing Portugal, its renowned hospitality and quality lifestyle. Whether it’s just for a few days or to begin a new chapter of your life in Portugal, welcome to Five Stars.

Our beautiful buildings

Timeless design, contemporary comfort

With 7 buildings in Lisbon and 2 in Porto, we hold the key to 144 apartments that are strategically located, that have been carefully constructed and curated. Maintaining every single genuine characteristic from yesterday, each space has been expertly designed with the comforts and style of today. The best of both worlds, a true reference for short, mid and even long-term rentals in Lisbon and Porto.

Our tailor-made services

Five Stars attention

Home can mean so many different things to so many different people, which means we not only want you to feel comfortable and relaxed inside our apartments, but every time you step outside them as well. We want you to feel at home in the city.

Our tailor-made services are meant to create and ensure a relaxed stay, where we take care of the planning and executing and leave you with the absolute best part – enjoying every single minute of your city break. It’s the little things in life, right?