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Solid Sustainability
A greener planet for everyone

One world, ours

Sustainable practices, sustainable living

Living a more sustainable lifestyle is no longer an abstract idea, but a real live construct that inhabits our every day attitudes, projects and actions.

At Five Stars, sustainability starts with every blueprint and is at the foundation of every building we construct or remodel.

We then take this practice inside, creating beautiful, efficient, eco-friendly apartments. Yes, because sustainable is beautiful. Sustainable is no longer the future, it’s right here and now.
And when it comes to a green, healthy planet, we all have to do our part.

Green values

Eco-friendly actions

Company ethos
Compliance with ESG
Sustainable investment
Investing in sustainability
Environmental commitment
Impact on the planet
Social commitment
Dedicated to our people
Corporate governance
Shaping the future

Sustainable strategies

The ESG framework

The way a company is run is the way it will impact its work, its teams, its clients, its partners, its projects, its outcomes.

Five Stars has successfully embedded a sustainable mindset into its core business by committing to and upholding the ESG strategic framework – environmental commitment, social commitment, corporate governance.

In addition to maintaining our competitive edge, these sustainability strategies are driving innovation, performance and stability.

Environmental Commitment

The ESG framework

It all starts with looking outside our corporate sphere. It starts with environmental responsibility and our commitment to keeping it as sustainable as possible through practices regarding waste and recycling, carbon emissions and footprint, water and energy usage, sourcing raw materials and renewable energies.

Investing in the planet is investing in the future.

Social Commitment

The ESG framework

We are equally committed to what we practice inside our corporate sphere.

Cultivating a healthy and sustainable workplace culture means guaranteeing employee health, safety and satisfaction; ensuring excellent workplace conditions and fair salaries, while striving for diversity, retention and continuous training.

Investing in people is always a smart investment.

Corporate Governance

The ESG framework

The company’s internal efforts are crucial when it comes to corporate governance and goes beyond compliance with the ESG framework to include internal culture and work ethic, workplace equity and equality, executive pay ratios, accountability, transparency and flexibility, strong leadership and adaptability to changing rules, regulations and laws.

Investing in the company is investing in reputation.