Fabulous Food

Authentic recipes, unforgettable flavors

We always remember what we eat. From traditional local pubs to Michelin star restaurants and specialty cuisine, you can literally get a great Portuguese meal on every corner of the city. Whether it’s a slice of heavenly bread, a bowl of comfort soup, fresh fish or a hearty steak, everything will taste homemade and heartmade… because it is.

When you sit down for lunch or dinner, it will only be complete with a glass of our renowned red or white wine, a pitcher of our fruity sangria or an ice cold beer – so cheers to that! And the grand finale goes to the perfect espresso and a decadent dessert: conventual pastries, artisanal ice cream, our world famous pastel de nata… Ready for a taste of Lisbon? Life here is pretty sweet.

Authentic Experiences

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