Calling all foodies

A culinary adventure

If you’re a foodie and you’re in Porto, well, you’re in the right place. You’ll be taking a seat at many traditional tables, laden with delicious starters like caldo verde soup, rissoles or codfish cakes, savory cheese or charcuterie boards, fresh fish and meaty delicacies. And you definitely can’t leave without trying the city’s main dish – the francesinha, a hot sandwich served with tons of sauce, fries and an ice cold beer.

Of course, you’ll also find a range of other cuisines to satisfy all types of palates and cravings: Italian, Japanese, Indian, French, Mexican, vegetarian… Half the fun will be wandering the streets, stopping at historical and cool cafés for a delicious coffee and pastry, or stumbling upon cute brunch spots and, last but not least, a glass of port wine to ring in the evening. What can we say, Porto loves to eat.


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